About Us

Everyone Votes Maryland is a nonpartisan coalition of national, state, and grassroots organizations dedicated to ensuring that all eligible Marylanders can have their voices heard on Election Day.

Together, we have:

  • Modernized Maryland Elections through Automatic Voter Registration (AVR). In 2018, the General Assembly created a program of AVR, or opt-out voter registration, at certain agencies.  When Marylanders interact with certain agencies (the MVA, the Maryland healthcare exchange, local social service agencies), those agencies will opt them into voter registration unless they explicitly choose not to be registered. This process has helped to increase voter registration and helps to keep Maryland’s voter rolls up-to-date by expediting voter registration updates when Marylanders move and interact with these agencies.
  • Increased access to voter registration through Election Day Registration (EDR). In 2018, Maryland voters overwhelmingly passed Question 2, a state constitutional amendment that allowed the General Assembly to create a process for voting-eligible Marylanders to register or update their registration at the polls on election day. Maryland already allowed for same-day registration during the early voting period, however the wording of the state constitution did not allow for the same process on election day. In 2019, we fully implemented the program, ensuring anyone qualified to vote can do so when they show up to the polls. Learn more about the registration process. 

Join the Coalition

We’re always looking to work with organizations in Maryland that are dedicated to ensuring all eligible voters can vote. If you are interested in joining the coalition, please sign this form and someone from the coalition will be in touch with you.